Jeep Compass Facelift Review & Test Drive

Jeep Compass Overview

Jeep Compass created quite a storm when launched last year. The pricing was a surprise and it instantly attracted many buyers. This is a product that suited many aspirations of Indian buyers. It is tough, good looking, with a great road presence and it comes with a great engine too. The SUV has been selling good numbers and has created a premium imagery. This is also something which is helping its growth.

The Compass has muscular looks and looks intimidating despite being not so big. It was also priced well, hence fitted the bill perfectly. The Jeep Compass 2019 will come next year. This will also be a locally manufactured SUV and will be exported to other car markets. The design and the powertrain will remain the same. However, a new automatic transmission for diesel will be introduced along with an advanced 4WD system. This will be the Jeep Compass TrailHawk and it ill be launched next year.View offers on Jeep Cars from Jeep dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop.

Jeep Compass Style

The front grille, bumper, creases on the bonnet and the placement of the insignia, all are almost identical to the bigger Jeep. This combined with the 1818mm width makes the Compass look muscular. The headlamps are powerful bi-xenon HID units underlined by an LED strip. But the twist is that these are not the DRLs (daytime running lamps). The actual DRLs are located above the fog lamps, next to the indicators. And since they’re not using LEDs, they have a yellow tinge, which is a bit of a letdown.

Even from the side, the Compass carries a proper SUV stance, with squared off wheel arches as well as a rising window line with a sharp kink towards the end which makes for a wide shark fin C-pillar. The Limited variant also gets smart looking 17-inch alloy wheels. The body line which goes through the door handles, the slight depression towards the lower half, and the Compass badge on the front door add a bit of drama to the design. The 4395mm length and 1640mm height make for perfect compact SUV proportions.

The Compass looks stylish from the back as well. The LED taillamps carry the same kind of underlines as the headlamps, and the cluster even splits into the tailgate. The dual-tone roof has a chrome outline belt, which dips down with the rear windshield and looks pretty neat. That is all the chrome the rear of the car gets and and we think it’s just the right amount. Overall, the Compass looks very solidly put together. All the panels feel heavy and there is a sense of assurance that the Compass can take a few hits without skipping a beat. The design itself isn’t much of an attention grabber, but its stance and the fact that this is a Jeep is enough to make heads turn.

Jeep Compass Space

The Compass’ cabin sits at a convenient height but the wide sill can prove to be bothersome during ingress-egress. Once inside, the Compass cabin can appear ordinary at first – the plain dashboard is to blame – but soon enough you’ll realise this space has a premium air about it. There’s a generous use of soft-touch materials, bits like the chunky steering feel properly expensive and even the leather seats with their contrast stitching look like they’ve been carefully crafted. Fit and finish, in general, is of a high order and most of what you touch feels built-to-last. And to our ears, the ‘clack’ from the military grade door locks is a fitting follow-up to the ‘thunk’ on door shut.

Given how well finished and upmarket the front seats look, you half expect them to come with power adjust. They don’t. Still, it’s easy to find a comfy driving position, the large seats are well cushioned and supportive, and what you also get is a fairly good view of the world outside. However, the thick A-pillar can be obtrusive at crossroads. Sitting pretty in the driver’s field of vision are the Compass’ stylish hooded instruments. The data-rich multi-information display shows everything from odo, trip and fuel economy readings to oil temperature, coolant temperature and battery voltage. What is an eyesore, though, are the blanked-out buttons on the steering wheel. On export versions, the buttons operate cruise control, a feature that’s frustratingly been left out for India. Another irritant is the position of the driver’s audio controls on the back of the steering spokes. The buttons are not only hidden from view, but are also small and fiddly, and easy to press inadvertently. All other controls fall easy to hand and even the 7.0-inch touchscreen, that does look lost amidst its gloss black plastic surround, is within easy reach. What is also a nice inclusion is the electronic parking brake that is standard across the Compass range.

At the back, space is reasonable but not abundant. There’s a good deal of legroom (a Tucson is roomier still), but headroom will be an issue for anyone taller than 6 ft and the cabin isn’t the most accommodating to sit three abreast in either. Rear passengers will also have to contend with an upright backrest and a slightly short squab. The fantastic seat cushioning does help the comfort factor and there’s a rear air con vent and USB port as well.

Each of the Compass’ doors houses a 0.5-litre bottle holder, there are two cupholders up front, two more built into the rear armrest and there’s also a usable bay under the front-centre armrest. A larger glovebox would have been welcome but the bigger need is for a dedicated bay for phones in the vicinity of the front USB, aux and 12V charging sockets.The 438-litre boot has a wide opening and is big enough for two large suitcases. You can free up more room by folding the 60:40 split rear-seat backrests and you also have the option to adjust the boot floor height. You also get a full-size spare tyre (albeit on a steel rim) as standard that sits under the boot floor. Check for Jeep Compass  in  

Jeep Compass Engine

A same 2.0-litre Multijet engine will power the Jeep Compass 2019. This engine will churn about 170bhp of power and 358Nm of maximum torque. There will be a six-speed manual and a new nine-speed dual clutch automatic will be made available. The TrailHawk will also get a 4×4 with low range capability. Jeep Compass 2019 The petrol engine will be the same 1.4-litre MultiAir unit. This will churn about 160bhp of power and 250Nm of peak torque. It will come with a six-speed manual and seven-speed automatic (dual-clutch) transmission. Both these engines are being manufactured in India and hence the price of the Compass 2019 will be competitive. Both engines are powerful and smooth in running.

The Jeep Compass 2019 will be continue to be exported from India and so will the TrailHawk variant also. The Compass is doing well for the company and hardly has any direct competition currently.The new Jeep Compass 2019 will return about 13km/l in the city for the diesel and close to 17km/l on the highway. The petrol will have a mileage of 9km/l for the manual and automatic in city and close to 13km/l on the highway.

Petrol-automatic SUVs aren’t known for shining fuel economy figures. Judged in that light, the Compass petrol automatic’s 8.5kpl city economy and 12.5kpl highway economy figures are more than just acceptable. For reference, the comparable Tucson delivers 7kpl and 11.8kpl in the town and on the highway, respectively. The 4×4 diesel Compass proved quite efficient too with fuel economy figures of 11kpl in town and 14.2kpl out cruising on the highway. We would like to point out that we conducted our fuel economy tests with the Compass’ AWD system set to Auto. The weather was fine on the days of our fuel test but inclement weather, which would have had the driveline reconnect for added traction, could have marginally impacted economy.

Jeep Compass Driving

The Compass looks like a proper SUV, and rides like one too. Over bumps, the suspension feels soft and absorbs undulations very well. Especially over speed breakers, the Compass just glides, with the suspension settling down instantaneously. This softness in the suspension made us believe that the Compass would exhibit lots of bodyroll in corners, but we were wrong! Chuck the Compass into a corner and it maintains its lines properly. There is only slight body roll and the suspension suddenly feels stiff enough to the point where you could even call it sporty! This is because this SUV gets Frequency Selective Damping, which means that the suspension can mechanically differentiate between bumps and body roll and alter damping accordingly.Book a test drive for Jeep Compass  in Tryaldrive.

But this has a flipside too. While going over small undulations like rocks or broken roads the Compass’s suspension remains stiff and hence you can feel some side to side movement in the cabin. But at the same time, if you go over the same undulation a bit faster, the damping increases and the car just glides over such patches. This nature keeps you guessing whether you are going to feel a bump or not. The perfect balance between a cushy ride and sporty handling is really hard to achieve, but for the most part, the Compass manages it really well.

Given that the Compass gets an electrically assisted steering, it does suffer in terms of feedback. While turning, the feel from the wheels is not well translated and keeps you guessing what the tyres are up to, partially because of the four-wheel drive system. But it does weigh up at high speeds, which helps give an assurance of control on the highway.

Jeep Compass Safety

The Jeep Compass gets disc brakes at front as well as rear. The SUV comes with as many as 50 safety and security features in form of Four-channel Anti-lock Brakes, full-function Traction Control, Electronic Stability Control, Panic Brake Assist, Hydraulic Boost Failure Compensation, Electronic Roll Mitigation etc. Additionally, the company has incorporated 6 Airbags (side curtains for front and rear-passengers), Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) and Reverse Parking Camera to further strengthen the safety of the occupants.

Jeep Compass Cost in Hyderabad

Jeep Compass On-Road Price in Hyderabad ranges from 17,94,150 to 25,38,237 for variants Compass Sport 1.4 Multi AIR Petrol and Compass Limited 4X4 O 2.0 Diesel respectively. Jeep Compass is available in 10 variants and 5 colours. Below are details of Jeep Compass variants price in Hyderabad. Check for Compass price in Hyderabad at Carzprice.

Jeep Compass Conclusion

We had high expectations for the Jeep Compass and are happy to report that it delivers the goods. If the attractive design and pricing are the hooks, the Compass’ tough build, high-quality cabin and genuinely good driving experience seal the deal. Importantly, the Compass feels like a true-blue Jeep. But it is not perfect. It’s not particularly spacious for its size, the engines can get noisy and it’s missing some features as well. The last bit should be a quick fix for Jeep and we don’t see too many people unhappy to pay more money for a feature-loaded Compass.

However, as with all models from FCA, our concerns go beyond the product. Fiat doesn’t have the best reputation in sales and aftersales, and there is some rub-off on Jeep too. Jeep is expanding its sales setup in India and is also offering a 2-year/unlimited km warranty to instil confidence in buyers, and we can only hope it delivers the right experience.For the moment, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. As things stand, apart from pointing Jeep in the right direction, this is the best SUV today for the money.


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