Fiat Linea Classic Engine & Specifications

Fiat Linea Classic Overview

The Fiat in India has a great reputation of highly reliable engines and long lasting build quality of cars. Fiat Linea classic is one such sedan that has been in the Indian car market for many years and has been upgraded few times as well. The latest edition of it is loaded with sophisticated equipment and advanced Fiat Linea Classic features get it a classic on-road image.Linea Classic is available in petrol and diesel versions as Classic Active petrol and Classic Dynamic diesel. In diesel version, three variants available such as Classic Multijet, Classic Plus Multijet, Classic Plus Multijet with alloy wheels.

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Fiat Linea Classic Exteriors

As we mentioned, we are glad about how Fiat has left the exterior almost untouched on the Linea Classic with the exception of a few features. At first glance, the Linea Classic looks like a regular Linea. There are no cues that suggest the missing bits and pieces. But maybe it is due to the fact that the only missing bits on the Linea Classic on the exterior front are the Alloy Wheels and the Fog Lamps. The Linea Classic still feels more expensive than it actually is. With a large satin silver grille flanked by two large dual-barreled headlamps, the Maserati references are quite obvious.

Although the only hint of chrome on the Fiat Linea Classic is the large Fiat logo indented into the radiator grille and a thin chrome surround that envelopes the grille, the Linea still looks just as regal and mature as anything else in it’s segment. As we mentioned, the beautiful multispoke alloy wheels have been replaced by a set of 15 inch steel wheels adoring well-crafted wheel covers however, the Classic Plus variant does get the alloy wheels from the older Linea as standard spec. From the sides too, the Linea is just as before with it’s large proportions accentuated elegantly by the use of well-placed creases and muscular wheel arches making it look classy, especially in the right color.

Fiat Linea Classic Interiors

Step inside the Fiat Linea Classic Plus and you will be welcomed into a vibrant and plush looking passenger cabin done up in black and beige colour scheme. The longer wheelbase (2603mm in comparison to Sail’s 2465mm, Dzire’s 2450mm and Amaze’s 2405mm) also translates into more spacious cabin in comparison to its competitors. Front seat are comfortable, well-padded and provide good all round support. Front visibility is good as well. Rear bench is wide with decent under-thigh support and can accommodate three individuals.

The integrated music system with CD, MP3 and FM produces satisfactory music quality and clarity. The quality, fit and finish of the plastic used is much superior in comparison to that of Linea’s competitors like Sail and Swift Dzire. The 500 litre boot space is also bigger than the 370 litre offered in the Chevrolet Sail sedan or the 318 litre boot of the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire. The AC dials and all others controls on the central console are easy to operate and the instrument cluster looks chick in the black with orange light. Similar to the regular Linea Active, the Classic Plus also comes with a CD, MP3, FM integrated music system which is decent in quality..The Fiat Linea Classic Plus that we drove came equipped with, power steering, power windows, rear defogger, tilt steering, and central locking; features which are identical to the regular Linea Active sedan.

Fiat Linea Classic Performance

The biggest change in the new Fiat Linea Classic is the less powerful engine. The Fiat Linea Classic is powered by the same 1.3 Litre Multijet Diesel the featured on the old Linea with one big difference. The Linea Classic’s 1.3 Multijet features the fixed geometry turbo as compared to the older car’s Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT), which means power is down from 90PS to 75PS. Although that is a 17 percent drop in power, the Linea manages to go about it’s business without much to complain. The lack of power is obvious though when the Linea is taken on the open highway, especially at slower speeds and lower gears. Once the Linea does get moving though, the high torque diesel motor provides enough power to appease any conventional Indian driver. Although we haven’t driven the Petrol powered Linea Classic yet, the power plant that powers it remains unchanged with 88PS

We do have a bit to complain about the slightly spongy feel of the clutch and transmission overall. The clutch pedal throw most certainly needs some more optimization to make the Linea a little easier to drive. The gear shift too feels a little rubbery and is far from being accurate. The gear ratios too need a serious rethink. While first and second gears are extremely short making the powerband almost negligible, the Linea does settle down well from the third gear onwards making the Linea a very good highway cruiser.

Fiat linea Classic Ride & Handling

The Fiat Linea Classic feature powerful and well-proven performance engine in both petrol and diesel versions. The famous 1.3L Multijet diesel engine is improvised for delivering quicker acceleration as compared to earlier version of the same. The strong suspension system designed absorb most of the road shocks assuring best of comfort and the tilt-adjustable steering system makes it easy for driving on congested roads and sharp turnings.

Fiat linea Classic Safety

n terms of safety, the Fiat Linea Classic Plus comes equipped with the all essential ABS which is an important safety feature for Indian roads, rear defogger, automatic door lock, central door locking, front and rear fog lamps and engine immobilizer. Surprisingly, even the regular Linea Active which is over Rs 70,000 dearer doesn’t get the ABS

Fiat linea Classic Price

Fiat Linea Classic Ex-Showroom Price in Kolkata ranges from 6,55,365/- (Linea Classic 1.4 L P Classic) to 8,20,975/- (Linea Classic 1.3L Multijet Plus). Get best offers for Fiat Linea Classic from Fiat Dealers in Kolkata. Check for Linea Classic price in Kolkata

Fiat linea Classic Verdict

We cannot say this enough but the Linea Classic is beautiful. Possibly one of the most beautiful saloons India will see for a long long time to come considering recent trends in design. The Linea Classic also handles exceptionally well. Infact, it is better than all it’s similarly priced rivals here too. It is a tad low on power compared to it’s predecessors and is definitely far less equipped that its rivals. Going up against the likes of the Honda Amaze and the Swift Dzire might certainly be something that Fiat never intended to do but by placing the new Linea Classic in a similar price bracket they have done just that.

On the whole, the Linea is an excellent value for money package if you are looking for a larger car that doesn’t cost as much as one would imagine. We also think that the new Fiat Linea Classic will do extremely well with the fleet operator segment and hotel owners looking to add a bit of class to their range. And with Fiat gearing up in a big way with over 100 showrooms by the end of this year, we foresee a drastic change in the way the general public perceive Fiats in general.

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