What Are Subdomains And Microsites


We are currently living in an exciting age of “online presence”, and it has become pretty incontestable that content is the way to go if you want to grow any brand.

That being said, while it is momentous to have brilliant content, it is also necessary to ensure that the where that content is primarily housed is appropriate and most efficient. We look at subdomains and microsites as options.

Branding and marketing strategy will be key factors when it comes to deciding between a sub domain on an existing website or a specifically developed microsite.

We’ll consider adding a content section or tab on your existing website under the same premise as subdomains in this article.To know more details check SEO Company in London.

Points such as how content is to be found or viewed, as well as and how important it is to be associated with the parent company, also need to be taken into account.

The general consensus is, in an instance when there is a parent company with sub-par branding, it is then best to build on a new domain (a microsite) rather than working off a subdomain on an existing website.

Subdomains and Microsites


A sub domain, in essence, is an extension of your existing domain, and it is ideal when there are minimal content topics of a content strategy are required. Creating a subdomain will work wonders for you if SEO rankings are a high priority.

While they are an attachment of your domain, major search engines will process it as a unique domain (this excludes a content section or tab on your existing website).

It will also save you the hassle of going through the process of creating an entirely new platform.

However, you may pay the same amount to add on a subdomain with a content management system, as you would for a new microsite.

That is if your current website does not allow for easily uploaded content or updating of the website in terms of adding the new content section.


Creating a new microsite could be refreshing for your target audience. An ideal circumstance to utilise a microsite would be an instance where you have a specific idea, product or content strategy that needs to garner more attention.

Maximum success will be spurned if it leverages off the parent domain. Utilising a microsite is forward thinking and brings forth a number of advantages.For more information on SEO Services visit Icps2016

Microsites are known to bestow more attention on the relevant product or service as distractions are lessened – it’s website with a focused goal, message and functionality.

They are considered to be supercharged lead generators – meaning it is more than likely visitors will find your content and message more relevant and specific.

The odds of converting casual trawlers to paying customers are also fairly high. It drives a specialised batch of content, hence it is also a great platform to establish yourself as a thought leader – in addition, it will also attract other thought leaders and like-minded individuals, possibly creating a forum for discussion.

A microsite also strengthens your brands online visibility for SEO purposes – especially if you include keywords in the URL of the website. However, a pitfall to consider is link building has to begin from scratch, so it may be a while before you are fortunate enough to find it on page one of the SERP.

Another drawback is, ideally you need to create two separate social media accounts for the parent domain and microsite to avoid crossing wires or deviating attention – unless, which we argue is possibly best, the parent company/brand leverages off the investment and shares the content from the microsite via its social media channels.

Round Up

Ultimately you want to be able to have a platform that is going to strategically render you the best possible outcome. While both subdomains and microsites have minor shortfalls, they certainly have their place.

It appears that many marketers and business folk in the know are leaning towards microsites. What will your choice be – subdomains and microsites?

In order to stay relevant in a world that is in a perpetual state of technological metamorphosis, it is necessary to keep ahead of the times. Chat to us about content marketing.


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