Use Categories To Group Related Content For SEO

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There are some rules to follow when creating categories, either for the products and services you are offering or for your blog. Digital Marketing Services in Hyderabad visit Vivid Digital  

The first rule is that you NEED to have categories.- The reason is simple: It makes it easier for users to find the content they are looking for and for search engines to crawl and index a website.

Try to keep your categories the same size-. If a category is too big because you have a lot of products or blog posts about that topic, try to break them into two or three categories.

Add your categories in the menu of your website and homepage- Don’t try to hide your categories but make sure that your main categories are accessible from the main menu and linked to from the homepage.

Use categories to create content relevancy-. This is true especially for blogs. One of the reasons for creating categories is to build topic relevancy and help Google understand for which topics you want to build authority.

SEO optimize your categories

When you create a new category do some SEO work on it. In particular:

1 Optimize the title and description of the category

2 Write a short introduction

3 Add a relevant image (with proper ALT text)

4 Optimize the slug

5 Make sure that is included in your sitemap

6 Add internal links pointing to your category pages.

For example, look at my SEO Articles category. Notice that I have changed the slug of my categories from ‘category’ which is the default value to ‘articles’. Why? Because it makes more sense.

The category has an optimized title, optimized meta description and a short introduction. Besides listing my latest SEO articles, I have created groupings of the most popular articles. These groupings have proper headings (h2).

As a result, the category page is ranking for a number of terms including SEO Articles and Latest SEO articles.

Use HTML or CSS for navigation

Avoid using Javascript or Ajax when creating your navigation. The best approach to make the life of search crawlers easier to use plain HTML tags combined with CSS for formatting.

Also, don’t use images to create your navigation links but use text. This means that if you want to link to a category page from your homepage don’t just add an image and link to it but have a text link as well. For SEO Companies Check here

Make use of breadcrumb menus

Breadcrumb menus are important for SEO. Google has many times mentioned the need to have a breadcrumb menu on all your pages so that users can navigate the site easily.

When activating breadcrumb menus on your website, make sure that:

The breadcrumb menu displays your site structure accurately.

For example, when you activate a breadcrumb menu on a product page, it should have the following elements:

Homepage > Product Category > Sub Category > Product page

In other words, the menu should display all levels until you go back to the homepage.

Add structured data to describe the breadcrumb menu to search engines.There is a special type of markup for breadcrumbs that gives search engines more information about your navigational structure. Google can use this information to enhance the appearance of your search listing on both desktop and mobile.


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