How To Choose The Best Hair Transplant Clinic


There are a lot of cosmetic centers who compete against each other but almost some of them seeking for-profit purposes more than achieving the best result and care for the patient.

Once you made a decision to undergo hair transplantation procedure, you must choose the best hair transplant clinic, which contains some potentials that you must ensure. There are many different signs that are important and help you to determine the leading hair transplant clinic that you must follow as below:


The best clinic for hair transplant must be certified by the Health Ministry, in addition to; the clinic should get global certificates such as ISO certificate, which international organization for standardization.

ISO is a certificate ensure that the organization meets the needs of a customer, deals with the quality management system, and meets statutory and regulatory requirements of service.

You must verify that the clinic of hair transplant has a local and global approved.For more information Consult best Hair Transplant  surgery in Hyderabad at Personiks.

The Best Medical Staff

The best hair transplant clinic shall contain the qualified doctors with particular standards, as they must be certified by the Health Ministry and ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery). ISHRS is a global medical association and the leading authority on hair loss treatment, and the doctors must be members of ISHRS as well.

You must ensure that a doctor will perform the hair transplant surgery, not any specialist else, as well as he must have high experience and qualifications in the field of hair transplant.

The medical staff must take care of patients, in addition to, they must be careful about the satisfaction of patients.

Previous Results

The leading clinic will provide you a set of before and after photos of the previous patients and last successful results. You must make sure that the patients are satisfied with their appearance and hair growth.

You might check the website of the hair transplant clinic, as the website expresses the efficiency of the clinic. The site must not only offer advertises but also shall provide useful medical information for the people.

Certified Hospital

You will find the best hair transplant clinic is working with 5-stars hospital that certified by the Health Ministry and has local and global approved. There are many clinics work for-profit, so you have to assure that the clinic is for not only profit but also achieves the patient’s goals. On the other hand, the hospital must provide community outreach and the highest rankings of performing procedure and safety.

Clinic’s Quality

The best hair transplant clinic must have a worldwide quality of medical care approved by Temos, which is the only accreditation body worldwide assessing and validating the quality of medical service.

The clinic must provide the high quality of medical care and medical services such as free consultation, transportation, translation, accommodation, and the medical bag, in addition to, post-surgery care and long-term medical services for at least one year.

The Latest Techniques

You must verify that the clinic always keeps up with the global technology and it has the latest techniques in harvest and implanting the hair follicles that suitable for everyone such as follicles unit extraction (FUE), direct hair implant (DHI), which depending on CHOI pens, and ROBOT technique for implanting.

As well as the clinic shall use the latest device for harvesting follicles such as micromotor that reduce the pain. The qualified doctor will choose the best method according to the patient’s condition.To know more info on Hair Transplant procedure visit Bpas

Affordable Price

The best hair transplant clinic shall provide affordable prices including the accommodation, translation, transportation, and medical bag contains all the medicines, which needed in the period of post-surgery recovery.

You should not be tempted with the low price, which not offers all medical serves, in addition to, the poor quality and the surgery failure potentials, so you should be careful about the suitable price with the high quality.

The Reviews

You can check social media sites by paying more attention to the feedback in customers’ reviews and comments about their experiences with hair transplant clinics, then, you might hear about the best hair transplant clinic, and then choose what you want.

Feel free to ask a previous patient about his experience in hair transplant with the clinic that you choose.

Clinic’s Reputation

You must check the reputation of the clinic, which must be subjected to international standards and be approved by the Food and Drugs Administration. As the clinic’s reputation represents in the process of acting, monitoring, managing, and high level of quality.

If the reputation of the clinic is valuable, you will find a lot of global newspaper, magazines, and global programs talking about the reputation of the clinic, which classified as the best hair transplant clinic such as Forbes magazine, Chicago business journal, BBC program, or Anadolu agency.

Multi Packages

The best hair transplant clinic shall provide packages according to your need for the medical trip. It might offer translation with more than four languages, many choices for accommodation in luxurious hotels, transportation with a private car and driver during the treatment period, and a medical bag contains all needed medicines. You have the ability to choose what you need and what you do not need on your trip.

Your lifetime appearance depends on how to choose the best hair transplant center and the qualified doctor, so you should choose carefully, according to some standards as we mentioned.


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